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To use this module, you need to first define the Pay Head.

Pay Head

Pay Head defines the components constituting salary structure of the employees of your company. Pay Head is available to the user with "payroll:config" permission enabled.

You can filter the results & also perform sorting & ordering by given columns. Users can take print outs, generate PDF or export as excel sheet.

Pay Head

To create new Pay Head, you can click on "Add New Pay Head" button. Each Pay Head requires a Code & can either be of Earning or Deduction Type.

Pay Head

Once you create Pay Heads, you can create Salary Template.

Salary Template

Salary Templates are predefined format of different pay heads used to create salary structure for your employees.

Below is the screenshot of demo Salary Template. The count represent the number of employees assigned with this Salary Template.

Salary Template

You can click on the "Show" menu and check the details. Each Salary Template consists of different Pay Heads with a particular category. Category defines how the Pay Heads are calculated. Below are the available categories for Salary Template:

  • Not Applicable - Not included in the Payroll
  • Attendance Based - Calculated based on the number of days present
  • Flat Rate - Calculated for all the days
  • User Defined - Calculated based on the user input
  • Computation - Calculated with a formula
  • Production Based - Calculated based on the production attendance

Earning Pay Heads are indicated in green color & Deduction Pay Heads are indicated in red color.

Salary Template Detail

Available Permissions

salary-template:readList salary templates
salary-template:createCreate salary templates
salary-template:editEdit salary templates
salary-template:deleteDelete salary templates
salary-template:exportExport salary template list

To create new Salary Template, you can click on "Add New Salary Template" button.

Salary Template

You get list of all Pay Heads along with the category.

Salary Structure

After Salary Template is defined, you can define Salary Structure of employees.

Below is the screenshot of demo Salary Structure of employees that starts from the effective date.

Salary Structure

You can click on the "Show" menu and get the details of this Salary Structure.

Salary Structure Detail

Available Permissions

salary-structure:readList salary structures
salary-structure:createCreate salary structures
salary-structure:editEdit salary structures
salary-structure:deleteDelete salary structures
salary-structure:exportExport salary structure list

To define new Salary Structure, you can click on "Add New Salary Structure" button.

Salary Structure Form

Generate Payroll

Once you define the Salary Structure of employee, you can generate Payroll for them.

Below is the screenshot of demo Payrolls of employees for a particular duration.


You can click on the "Show" menu and get the details of this Payroll.

Payroll Detail

Available Permissions

payroll:readList payrolls
payroll:createCreate payrolls
payroll:editEdit payrolls
payroll:deleteDelete payrolls
payroll:exportExport payroll list

To generate new Payroll, you can click on "Add New Payroll" button. Pay Heads are calculated automatically and you also get list of Attendance Summary for your reference. You can change the calulcated Pay Heads as per your need and click on the "Save" button to generate Payroll.

Payroll Form