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Self Hosted Human Resource Solution

Built with Laravel 9, Vue.js 3 & Tailwind CSS 3


Powerful Config & Permission

Configure the application to make it best fit for your need. Multiple Roles allow you to assign different set of permission.


Complete Employee Records & Insights

Record & Manage detailed information of your employees. Filter, Print, Export records with different criteria within few clicks.


Hierarchy based Access Control

Setup hierarchical structure for employees. Let the top position employees handle records of their subordinates.


Flexible Attendance Management

Mark Attendance with different Attendance Types. Supports Overtime or Early Leaving hours. Get beautiful month wise Report.


Robus Leave System

Assign different Leave Types. Keep a record of all requested leave with its status. Sync Attendance & Leave with Payroll.


One Click Payroll Generation

Create Salary Templates with different calculation. Assign these templates to your employee & Generate Payrolls within few clicks.