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Why do I need an access code for installation?

Please read the instructions carefully and follow every step mentioned below.

Envato offers single Purchase Code to verify the purchase. However, it is not sufficient to prevent misuse of license as there are some users who share purchase code with public and it hurts the author community.

To prevent misuse of license, you need to generate an access code for every installation you will make. Access code is unique string generated against your domain name where you wish to install the application.

Where can I get access code?

Please note that your Envato Purchase Code is not Access Code.

To get the Access Code, please visit You need to login with your envato account which is used to purchase the product. Please note that you are not sharing your envato account details with us but you are using secured Envato oAuth to verify your purchase with us.

Auth Login

Once logged in click on the purchase menu from the left sidebar and you should be able to list all your purchases made with your Envato account.

If you have logged in using Username/Password or Google or Github, you might not be able to see your purchases. In that case, please logout and login again using "Login with Envato" menu.

Purchase List

Above screenshot shows the list of purchase made by user. Click on the three vertical dots (elipsis) icon in the right corner of your purchased item and click on the show button to go to the detail of the purchase.

Purchase Detail

Above screenshot shows detail of your purchase. The bottom right corner has a form to add your domain name where you wish to install. You can add any top level domain (, subdomain ( or virtual host (http://localhost or http://localhost.test) or IP (

Once you add your domain, you will get the access code for that domain which you can use in the installation form to complete the installation.

You can add any number of URL in the purchase section. However, you will be able to generate one access code at a time if you have purchase a Regular License and unlimited access code if you have purchase an Extended License.

If you have added any top level domain and wish to install the application in subdomain then you need to generate access code against the subdomain.

I would like to change my installation URL. What should I do?

Changing your installation URL is simple process. Based on your purchased license, you can add your new installation URL and click on the "Activate" button to generate new access code.

If you have purchased a Regular License and already generated an access code, you can click on the "Deactivate" button and then generate access code for your new domain by clicking on "Activate" button.

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