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Hello & Welcome to our documentation. Here you will get support material for installing our product. We have tried to put all the support document together at one place. If you have any suggestion for us, do let us know.

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Frequently asked Questions

Can I install the application on sub-folder?

Yes. You can install the application in any sub-folder. Follow this article to know more about that:
Installation of Script Mint Application on sub-folder

Can I use regular License for multiple installation?

No, You cannot. If you want to install the application at multiple location, you need to purchase extended license from envato. Follow below link to know more about that:
Envato Regular & Extended License

I am getting parse error, syntax Error (T_CLASS) during Installation. What should I do?

This error is generated because you are using lesser version of PHP than required. For all Script Mint applications, you need to have minimum PHP Version of 7.0 You can check your php version by running phpinfo() or by downloading this check.php file & then running this check.php file.

If you have lesser PHP version, then you can ask your server administrator to upgrade your PHP Version to atleast 7.0

I am keep getting "we can not verify you as our client" error. What should I do?

This error is generated if you are entering wrong purchase license or envato username during installation. If you are trying to install the application at multiple location, then also this error is geneated. Please make sure that you have correct envato license & entering correct purchase license & envato username. All these information are case sensitive.

Can I install Script Mint application on Plesk Panel/Digital Ocean Server?

Yes. You can install. But we don't encourage using this Plesk Panel/Digital Ocean Server for Script Mint license. Also we do not provide installation support on these servers. You can simply migrate to cPanel for easier installation. cPanel installation support is free & available for all the customers.

I cannot find index.php or install folder in downloaded file. How can I install?

Script Mint applications are designed on most popular PHP framework Laravel. Laravel has different file structure than common PHP application. Therefore you cannot see any index.php or install folder. Though you can type {your_domain}/install & access the installation path.

For more detail visit laravel folder structure.

I am getting 'Internal Server Error'. What should I do?

This error is generated if root folder of the application doesn't have .htaccess file. You can upload this file & try accessing the application again. Make sure you have all the files available as per Laravel folder structure.

Where can I find purchase license?

If you have purchased Script Mint application from envato, it generates a unique purchase code to verify its customers. You can find purchase license by going to 'download' link.

You can choose pdf or txt document to get your purchase license.

Pre Requisites (Laravel 5.4)

All our products are designed on most popular PHP framework Laravel. You need to have minimum requirement for running all our application. Please make sure that you have completed these requirements.

  • Preferred Server - Apache/Nginx
  • PHP Version >= 5.6.4
  • OpenSSL PHP Extension
  • PDO PHP Extension
  • PHP Fileinfo Extension
  • Mbstring PHP Extension
  • Tokenizer PHP Extension
  • Zip Archive PHP Extension
  • Mod Rewrite Enabled

These pre-requisites can be checked by using phpinfo() function. If you don't have much technical knowledge about it, then you can simply download check.php file here. Upload this file in the folder where you want to install the application & run this file by {your_domain}//check.php.

If you get any error, then please ask your server administrator to fix these errors. If you receive everything 'ok' message, then you can proceed for installation.

Please note if you try to install the application on any other server say LiteSpeed or IIS, you may get undesirable result. We do not recommend you to use other server than Apache or Nginx. Also we do not provide support for installation in server other than Apache.

Please note that all the installations are verified by Script Mint with your Purchase code and Envato username (Case sensitive). During the installation, you need to provide Purchase code and Envato username. If it matches with your purchase record with Envato, then only you will be able to install the application.

Folder Structure (Laravel 5.4)

If you are unaware of laravel folder structure then this article may help you. Laravel framework has different folder structure. The file structure is different from your common php application. Please check attached below image to know more about laravel folder structure.

As you can see that there is not any index.php file or install folder file in the current (or root) directory. Laravel has its specific routing feature which doesn't require these files to be presented on root. You can access the installation path at http://{your_domain}/install path. Once you extract the downloaded file, you will see above files & folders in your root. Missing any one file or folder may generate errors during installation.

Installation on Sub Folder

Most of the user ask this question that can laravel application be installed on any sub folder. Answer is yes. You can install it any sub folder. Copy downloaded zip file in your folder & extract all the contents of zip file into the same folder. Lets take example of both live & localhost server:

Application installation on sub-folder (Live Server)

You can create subdomain & point it to the folder(where you want to install the application) to access Script Mint applications. Now you can access your application at /install path.

Application installation on sub-folder (Local Server)

You can create virtual host & point it to public folder of the application. Below are some tutorials to create virtual host on local server.

Operating System Server Tutorial
Windows WAMP Click Here
Windows XAMPP Click Here
Windows or Mac MAMP Click Here

Make sure you point virtual host to public (public folder of the application) folder. Now you can access your application at /install path. Don't forget to set config folder & storage folder and its files writable.

Installation (Laravel 5.4)

Script Mint applications are very easy to install. Before you are going to install this application, please make sure that you have completed pre-requisites of the application. Also, keep ready purchase license & envato username with you. Follow below steps to install Script Mint application:

  • Upload downloaded zip file from envato into the folder where you want to install the application.
  • Extract the file in same folder.
  • Access installation path by navigating to {your_domain}/install. Installation wizard appears if all the pre-requisites are completed.
  • Create mysql database with strong password, assign all privilege to database user.
  • Enter required details along with your purchase code & envato username.
  • Click on 'install' button to complete the installation.
  • Don't forget to set config folder & storage folder and its files writable.

If you are redirected to login page, it means you have successfully installed the application. Else you would be redirected to installation page along with the error message. In case you need any help in installation, Please email us at

Installation in Amazon Cloud

If you are looking to install Script Mint application on Amazon cloud, you have to make some configuration in the server. Please follow these steps to start with the installation:

  • Click here to download file.
  • Upload this file in the root folder & extract the file.
  • Run /check.php ; If you get all the green marks, it means you are ready to install the application.
  • If you get a red mark, it means your server doesn't fulfill the pre-requisite. You can enable the extension as stated by the check.php file.
  • Enable mod_rewrite in your server by running following code.
sudo a2enmod rewrite

  • Copy the downloaded file from code canyon & extract.
  • Set config folder & storage folder and its files writable.
  • Run /install to start installation

You can email us at in case you have any doubts.


Support is only available if you have purchased the script from or from Every purchase from either of the website will generate a unique purchase code that will be used to identify the buyer & his/her support period. Buyer without purchase code verification will not get support from the author.

The product comes with limited period support, if your support period is expired, you will need to purchase the support subscription.

If you have any query, please visit or email us at

Please note that we live in +5:30GMT. Our support time is 11:00am IST to 7:00pm IST (Indian Standard Time) on all working days. We are not available for support on Saturday & Sunday.